Artist Statement

"The limitlessness of what we exist to experience is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. For me, the act of painting is a collaboration: a duet to play with the universe. It is to draw from the vastness of experience and personal meaning, and to try and distill from this something harmonious. To make sense of an unsettling awareness of the rooms behind closed doors within our own consciousness that represent the unrealized selves we also innately are."


Antonietta grew up in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, and now resides in southern Vermont. She received her B.A. at Wesleyan University in 2006, where she was torn between computer science, art and music in deciding her major, feeling (inconveniently) passionate about each. She ultimately majored in computer science. She worked full time for five years in the field, and while in many ways this was going well, she felt that it was not the right career path for her and she reconsidered committing to a career path in art. She resumed her studio practice in the evenings while working, as well as continuing her academic studies if only non-formally. She spent two years working on her application portfolio to apply for graduate studies and made the decision to depart from full time software development in order to focus on art. Antonietta attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011, receiving her MFA at PAFA in 2013. She currently splits her time between computer science, as a part time application developer at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, and her studio practice, represented by Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Usually she is also involved in at least one odd job on the side, which have ranged from designing CD covers to "random" personal creative projects not related to her painting practice. Sometimes people ask Antonietta if she is interested to combine her painting practice with her computer science practice. Antonietta is as interested in doing this as she is in combining an ice cream sundae with bacon, both of which she greatly enjoys.

Antonietta's first favorite artist was Salvador Dali, a book of whose work she discovered at the age of 10. She was immediately drawn to the otherworldly quality of his expanses of consciousness, as well as to the obsessively rendered detail in his paintings. While she considers herself a realist, Antonietta is inspired by the sometimes other-worldly qualities of the observed world. Antonietta also enjoys cooking, exploring the great outdoors, classical music and dance. Since graduating PAFA, Antonietta has illustrated a children's book, designed album art and exhibited her work locally and nationally.